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The Morning Routine for Your Elderly Folks


Starting your day right is an opportunity to be productive the whole day. This is why a morning routine is important. A healthy and effective morning routine gives you a good sense of concentration, improved performance regardless of the difficulty of the tasks, and decreased stress levels. It’s also good to have a companion to assist you with your activities.

So, what exactly are the activities conclusive in a healthy and effective morning routine? Allow us at Ageless Private Duty Home Care, LLC, your provider of home care in Fort Myers, Florida, to share the following:

  • Waking up early. Waking up early, at least 5 AM, is a great way to start your day because it gives you an opportunity to accomplish a lot of things earlier as well. It also gives you more time to warm up than everyone else.
  • Light exercises. A 20-minute stretching or yoga exercise will make a difference. These activities will awaken your body after long hours of sleep because as you move, your body releases tension and boosts your energy levels.
  • Meditative activities. Relaxing activities like meditation improve your focus and make you less susceptible to mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Your ability to concentrate begets better functioning and reduced stress. Hence, it’s important to dedicate even 30 minutes of your morning time to meditation.
  • Nutritious breakfast. Many of us are guilty of skipping breakfast. Some do it because they don’t have much time to eat or they feel too full to consume food in the morning. However, skipping breakfast has adverse effects on the person in the long run. Remember that eating a good breakfast will keep you full and energized for longer hours, especially if you consume protein and carbohydrate-rich foods.
  • Hydration. Drinking enough water is more important than eating three times a day. Besides, physical activities done in the morning will get your loved ones all sweaty. Thus, hydrating themselves from time to time will compensate for that.

This morning routine guarantees a productive day and optimum health for your loved ones as they venture into their senior years. Ergo, it’s vital to help out your loved ones in their attempt to establish one. If you need assistance yourself, our home care services are always available for you. Please get in touch!

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