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How to Tell If Your Aging Parents Need Help

Doing regular phone calls is often not enough to recognize how your aging parents may need professional care and support to continue living independently. As providers of live-in care in Fort Myers Beach, we cannot stress enough the importance of seeking professional care as soon as possible. Whenever you have the opportunity to visit or have a video call with your aging parents, observe them and their surroundings. Consider the following signs as a call for help:

  • Their house is filled with clutter and broken furniture/appliances.

    A clutter-filled home is either a sign of hoarding or the inability to maintain cleanliness. When unnecessary things pile up and fill the spaces, it risks your aging parent’s safety and health. These things can cause them to trip and fall and may even invite pests to infest the home. If your parents’ residence is too messy for their well-being, consider hiring caregivers to help them with housekeeping.

  • They do not tend to their hygiene.

    A person’s appearance is the most visible indicator of their well-being. Poor hygiene usually translates to how a person looks or smells. Hence, if your aging parent has a foul odor, unkempt hair, uncleaned nails, or wears tattered clothes, consider those as their inability to perform self-care activities.

    Throughout the years of supporting people to maintain personal hygiene in San Carlos Park, you can always trust our team to help your parents follow an ideal routine for hygiene maintenance.

  • They do not follow proper medication management.

    Adhering to one’s medication regimen is essential to optimize health and recovery. If you notice expired pills on your parent’s medicine cabinet, that may hint at their struggle or inability to manage their medication intake. A similar concept applies to their food storage. If expired food supplies fill their refrigerator and pantry, it’s best to seek help. Our private duty can help them with medication management and grocery shopping.

Some seniors may oppose seeking help from care professionals, so we encourage you to speak with them with much patience and understanding. Our professionals at Ageless Private Duty Home Care, LLC will support you and your aging loved ones when they are ready. Contact us today to learn about our companionship in Boca Grande, Florida.

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